'Rimmed with the salt of cactus seed in the morning dew

Gusty drops in the pallid city of clay

and conclaves

There was once a village here, you know

In the crumbling sage brush

dehydrated cedar towns and fox-hole cloven stones

Where we break—

With the heat—

boundless and gripping to the Earth

without gravity'

excerpt from 'Hoodoos' (2018)

Amy Leona Havin is an Israeli-American poet and author whose work is in discourse with the energetic landscapes of the American West. She studied writing under Kimball McKay at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington before traveling through the southwestern states and relocating to Portland, Oregon. Her poems and short stories have been recognized by The Dust Magazine, Unchaste Anthology, and Goddess: When She Rises, and she is the founder of Portland based reading series It's Rhubarb. Her literary and performative works have been called “ethereal, subtly violent, and not for the faint of heart”. Her upcoming works include ‘Holy Roads’, ‘The Liberation of Sister Geraldine’, and ‘The Anguish of Elizabeth’.

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